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A step up in versatility for mobile phone-based payments

A specialist in payment systems for vendor and offline terminals, Mecsel has developed a range of innovative hardware and software products, many of which are one-of-a-kind in their field. Typical of these is the second-generation Mecsel Smart system, a modular embedded vending machine and OPT terminal device.

Mecsel’s first generation of payment systems boosted vending machine sales in Finland to new levels. Consumers responded very positively to the possibility of paying via their mobile phone, and vendors appreciated the ability to control their vending machines remotely via GSM.

The company’s new-generation, high-performance system, known as Mecsel Smart, pushes the envelope even further.

With built-in hardware and software connectivity to a very wide range of systems, it opens up the way for cheaper, faster, and more flexible business. Combining phone and TCP/IP makes payments even more convenient and flexible for consumers, while the use of GPRS and Internet protocols makes vendor monitoring faster and more profitable as well.

Consumers have responded very positively to the possibility of paying via their mobile phones.

Mecsel Smart can handle low-level or machine-level control within extremely narrow time windows, enabling vending machine protocols and external systems to be responded to within a fraction of a second.

In addition to interfaces for most vending systems, Mecsel also offers a variety of drivers for devices such as surveillance cameras, printers, external displays, and card and barcode readers. In fact, a vending machine device has never before had so many ways of connecting to the outside world.


A Mecsel Smart unit can run off either AC or DC voltage. Their low power consumption means that they can be powered by solar energy in a number of cases, although greater power is normally needed for controlling USB devices

Mecsel Smart units are of an all-in-one design and feature an embedded computer with easy-access development tools. The Linux operating system provides an open environment for developers to develop their own applications or use those on offer from Mecsel or other providers

Mecsel Smart units are of an all-in-one design.

Opening up M2M

Mecsel Smart is ideal for companies wanting to integrate new hardware and Offline Payment Terminals (OPTs), and for machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions in unattended vending environments. This is a valuable feature, as M2M communication is predicted to become a major market in mobile communication in the not too distant future.

A Mecsel Smart hardware and software package takes up minimal space and is simple to launch as a plug-and-play application, whatever the market or location.

> Jyrki Virtanen
(Published in High Technology Finland )