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A new standard of sawmill productivity

As the bulk of milling costs are related to lumber input, optimising the yield of the sawing process is an obvious area for sawmills to look at as a means of increasing their productivity. Genera’s GenLog Timber Rotator offers an innovative way forward here.

A supplier of high-quality, intelligent displays for a variety of industries for the last 20 years, Genera has recently extended its expertise to the mechanical wood-processing industry, with the GenLog Timber Rotator.

Two pairs of video cameras incorporated in the rotator section of the GenLog measure each log in 3D as it is fed onto the conveyor just prior to sawing. High-speed pattern recognition algorithms analyse the video data, and send control sequences to a tilting, serrated roller to rotate the log into an optimal position as it advances towards the blades.

Continuously monitoring logs from initial feeding to sawing results in very accurate results, within a margin of +/-1%. Fast video signal processing, combined with hydraulic machinery capable of guaranteeing the minimum desired distance between logs, means that high line speeds can be attained.

Better-quality output too

Savings of up to 5% in raw material consumption can be achieved compared to conventional rotating systems, thanks to this combination of accurate measurement and high conveyor speed. In addition, GenLog increases the proportion of high-quality sawn timber a mill can produce, contributing to even better productivity.

The GenLog is equally suited to both new sawmills and existing mills. As it supports longitudinal and lateral log feeding, space is not an issue, and the rotator can be installed even in confined areas, without large and expensive conveyor rebuilds.

Thanks to the fact that the system’s counter-light measurement is immune to direct sunlight, with a built-in compensation mechanism that maximises the brightness of the counter-light source, a GenLog unit can also be installed outside.

The GenLog Timber Rotator

The GenLog Timber Rotator

The GenLog Timber Rotator comprises five main components:

  • a log feeder unit
  • a conveyor line, with shockabsorbing M-shape supports
  • two pairs of video cameras, four special mirrors, and two long counter-light sources
  • a rotating unit, fi tted with a double cone
  • a processing unit and user interface panel.

Maximum throughput

2400 mm logs/min: 30

6000 mm logs/min: 20

Log diameter

80 - 280 mm or 160 - 450 mm

Power requirements

20 - 30 kW

Operating temperature range

-25° to +50 °C

> Jukka Suhonen
(Published in High Technology Finland )