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Making sheet piling history –the MOVAX vibrator/hammer combination

Unisto’s MOVAX SIDE-GRIP and TPH multipurpose hammer represent a revolutionary approach to sheet piling, steel-pipe foundation piling, and H-beam driving. Unlike traditional units, the MOVAX can grip from either the side or the top, while the TPH can operate both up and down. As a result, site productivity can be virtually doubled.

Building on previous innovations in sheet piling machinery using excavator-mountable units, the MOVAX SIDE-GRIP was designed to solve the problems associated with the limited capacity of existing units, overcome the need for extra machinery when handling longer piles, and improve on safety performance.

The key insight in the design of the MOVAX is its capability to grip piles from both the top – as traditional units do – and the side. This makes the MOVAX ideal for locations that do not have the free headroom conventional machinery needs.

MOVAX TPH – the strongest in its class

Unisto’s revolutionary MOVAX TPH (Tube Piston Hammer) has now extended Unisto’s offering by filling the gap between an excavator-mountable vibrator and large piling rigs or crane-suspendable pilers.

The MOVAX combined vibrator and hammer system can complete jobs that piling rigs even four times larger cannot handle.

The TPH is not only the strongest hydraulic hammer in its class, outperforming its competitors by a factor of at least two – it can also operate in both directions: up or down. A TPH can also be used as a foundation hammer and a rock-breaker if needed.

When a vibrator is not enough to complete a job, when working hard clay or silt, for example, all an operator needs to do is switch over to a TPH hammer.

He simply disconnects his MOVAX SIDE-GRIP sheet piler from the excavator and connects up a TPH multipurpose hammer, equipped with a hydraulic quick-coupler. This takes just a minute and then he can finish off the job.

One man, one machine

Thanks to MOVAX technology, one excavator and one operator can handle an entire piling cycle. No crane or wheel-loader is needed to lift the piles from a truck or carry them to the site, and no extra excavator is needed to dig the trench. As well as all the other benefits of a simplified process, cost savings of up to 50% can be made. Savings can be even higher at confined sites.

Since production of the MOVAX began in 1993, Unisto has delivered units to over 30 countries. Between 80% and 90% of all sheet piling is carried out using the MOVAX SIDE-GRIP in Finland today.

Making history

  • handle piles and tubes up to 12 to 14 metres in length
  • the only system offering completely safe, one-man operation
  • an average of 50% better productivity
  • zero headroom capability
  • able to drive in extreme hard soilconditions, even silt.
> Yrjö Raunisto
(Published in High Technology Finland )