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Building strategic partnerships and lifecycle commitment

Jointly owned by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS (27%) and the Finnish State (73%), Patria is a specialist in armoured wheeled vehicles, mortar systems, helicopters, aircraft, and related lifecycle support. Working with international partners to offer increasingly advanced, interoperable, modular solutions – and making lifecycle thinking an integral part of the product offering – are important keys to success in today’s competitive markets, believes Patria.

Personnel carriers have been a traditional Patria strength for many years. Offering high levels of mobility, protection, payload capacity, modularity, and air transportability, the company’s latest product in this area, the Patria AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle), has become the world’s first fourth-generation personnel carrier already in mass production, with nearly 100 vehicles delivered to customers.

Capable of meeting all the needs of today’s crisis scenarios – and fully NATO-compatible, like all Patria products – the Patria AMV has already proved a highly attractive option for a number of armed forces. The Polish army, for example, has ordered 690 Patria AMVs, and the Finnish army has placed additional orders. Close to 800 AMVs in all have been ordered to date. The AMV has also been successfully tested in the Czech Republic, Croatia, South Africa, Brazil, and Kuwait.

Patria has also been an active developer of modern mortar technology, teaming up with Sweden’s Land Systems Hägglunds to produce the AMOS Advanced Mortar System.

The AMOS has been designed not only to provide exceptional performance and protection, but also to operate seamlessly with the Patria AMV, as well as tracked vehicles and fast combat vessels..

Strong in the sky

Patria’s close cooperation with some of the world’s principal aerospace manufacturers has enabled the company to build up a solid base of aviation know-how and grow into a leading helicopter and aircraft lifecycle service provider in the Nordic region and Baltic countries.

Patria’s capabilities today cover both civil and military helicopters and aircraft, and range from maintenance and repair all the way to assembly, modification, system development, and pilot training. The latter now includes comprehensive military pilot training using Europe’s largest training ground, located in Finland.

On the civilian market, Patria is leveraging its expertise in advanced composite structures to produce the wing spoilers for the world’s new superjumbo, the Airbus A380 – from product design to lifecycle support spanning several decades.

Seeing where it matters

Night vision solutions and underwater surveillance systems are another area of Patria expertise. Developed in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces, Patria’s VV2000 Night Vision System, for example, offers exceptional performance, and is an excellent choice for peacekeeping and military missions that call for round-the-clock operational preparedness whatever the conditions.

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