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Better hygiene – by vacuum

MariMatic’s Taifun vacuum conveying systems for handling waste and by-products are both highly efficient and hygienic, and offer the very best in terms of safety and ergonomics. This makes them ideal for food processors and professional kitchens.

Meeting today’s tough hygiene recommendations is easy with the Taifun vacuum conveying technology, as it is based on the principle of transferring waste away from work areas immediately it is generated – automatically and instantly. This eliminates the potential hygiene hazards associated with organic waste remaining close to where people are working, as well as unwelcome odours.

Moving waste in this way to a container in a waste room is both efficient and hygienic. Water and excess moisture can be removed from the waste, and the separated liquid transferred to a drainage system through a grease trap. Solid waste can be sent for additional processing, into biowaste, for example.

An integrated, self-cleaning automatic washing system further enhances operations and hygiene, and simplifies maintenance. Stainless steel is used extensively in Taifun systems, including the compressed air-driven ejectors that lie at their heart. With no moving parts, a Taifun ejector can be cleaned easily and requires very little maintenance.

Over 500 systems Taifun systems have been supplied to date – to poultry, meat, fish, and vegetable processing plants, professional kitchens, ships’ galleys, and industry worldwide.

A smarter heart

Compared to alternative systems, Taifun’s technology provides higher standards of hygiene, better ergonomics and safety, and increased working space.

A Taifun ejector, for example, does not require nearly as much space as a large conventional blower, and is also considerably cheaper, particularly in locations that have several collection points. An ejector also requires less service and maintenance than a vacuum pump, and takes up less space, and costs less. Compared to pumps, which take time to start up, a Taifun ejector is immediately ready for use when it is switched on.

Thanks to the use of overhead piping and small funnels, a Taifun system saves on floor space, and hoppers and disposal funnels can be installed exactly where they are needed. No space is needed either for storage or washing bins, containers, trays, or cleaning areas for these. Modularity also means that a Taifun system can be extended easily and flexibly as needs change.

Taifun technology eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination, as waste and by-products are transferred away from production areas in a closed system.
  • Very hygienic, as waste and by-products are immediately removed from work areas
  • Meets all current hygiene requirements, and the system has been designed to take account of even tougher future legislation
  • Self-cleaning and virtually maintenance-free
  • Takes up little floor space
  • Uses less energy and water than other systems
  • Easy to install and extend.
> Timo Kettunen
(Published in High Technology Finland )