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Making the laser revolution happen

A fast-growing technology company, Modulight designs and produces semiconductor lasers and detectors. To date, the company has manufactured more than 250,000 semiconductor laser diodes and brought laser technology to an increasing number of defence, industrial, medical, security, space, and telecommunications applications

Modulight’s success in first supplying components for use in the communications area and more recently in fields such as medical, space, and defence equipment, has been based on some key strengths: product reliability; its agile approach to doing business; and its ability to add value to the specifications and profitability of its customers’ products.

The company further extended its offering recently with the launch of high-power laser bar and chip products for use in direct, pumping, and fibre laser applications. These high-power products boast higher optical output, improved power conversion efficiency, and higher brightness compared to old-generation lasers.

Modulight’s new multimode and single-mode lasers have the potential to revolutionise a number of welding, cutting, drilling, and even medical applications that have not been able to benefit from semiconductor lasers up until now, due to cost and lack of power.

Modulight is already working with several leading companies to use the small size, high functionality, and low cost offered by these units – together with their increased power density, fibre coupling efficiency, and power conversion efficiency – to leverage more sophisticated production methods and more advanced military applications and medical treatment.

Going for low-noise applications

Modulight has also recently initiated volume deliveries of a range of low-noise Distributed Feedback (DFB) and Fabry-Pérot (FP) lasers in various connector, fibre, and isolator configurations for use in defence, instrumentation, and security products.

The market has responded very positively to these lasers, and Modulight is committed to providing customers that have switched from the previous market leader with more than 10,000 of these units alone in 2006.

This reflects the more general trend that has seen a number of major customers adopting Modulight as their primary supplier, and Modulight’s strength in the highly competitive North American and Japanese markets since it opened its doors for business in 2000.

Robust lasers designed and manufactured by Modulight, operating at everything from visible to Infrared (IR) wavelengths and with output power levels extending from a few milliwatts to over 100 W, are enabling an increasing number of applications to benefit from laser technology.
> Seppo Orsila
(Published in High Technology Finland )