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Design as a partnership

Formed recently by the merger of three design companies, Desigence’s mission is to help its customers translate their visions into commercially successful products, services, and brands through the best in good design.

Increased competition and the need to capture more of the value-added chain are two of the key issues facing industry today. Shortening a product’s time-to-market, differentiating your products from those of your competitors, adapting products and services to local needs, and managing product portfolios are all areas where design expertise can help increase an organisation’s competitiveness.

A company like Desigence is dedicated to providing customers with market and user data, helping companies link this into their corporate strategy, and envisioning, developing, and producing products and services that truly meet the needs of the marketplace.

Making networking work

Outsourced design expertise, appropriately integrated into a company’s own systems, can provide very valuable input, complementing in-house technological expertise, marketing strategy, and production and process know-how.

Truly successful design must be linked to, and driven by, a company’s strategy. Good design is, ultimately, a strategic decision.

External input provides customers with fresh perspectives, as well as access to additional areas of expertise related to, for example, the user experience, product differentiation through visual appearance or interfaces, and design-based modularity – all of which can be crucial elements when purchasing decisions are made.

When working with its customers, Desigence begins with a thorough analysis of their business environments and industry trends and drivers. The focus then shifts to analysing existing processes and ways of working to identify the areas where design has the most to offer. Close cooperation and communication with production and technical personnel follows, going all the way to product launches and beyond.

A new force in design

Desigence was established in September 2005 through a merger of Muodos, Finndesign, and UserFirst design. The combined team includes nearly 40 experts in industrial design, graphic user interfaces, strategic design consulting, research, usability, mechanics, and prototyping – with experience of hundreds of projects for a wide range of customers.

The company’s service offering extends from the ‘fuzzy front-end’ of product development all the way to product launches. Focusing on end-users and manufacturability helps improve the success rate of new product launches.

> Juhani Sormanen
(Published in High Technology Finland )