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Smarter surfaces

Advanced materials and novel surface treatment technologies for customers in the metal, plastics, and process industries are the specialty of Millidyne – which also custom-produces a variety of materials and treatments and provides comprehensive applications support and consulting.

Millidyne’s surface options can incorporate a variety of properties, such as enhanced mechanical durability, hydrophobicity or oleophobicity, and corrosion resistance, as well as special optical, decorative, and electrical features.

Further options are provided by inorganic-organic nanocomposites and self-organising nanostructures based on wet-chemical nanotechnology. Combining different organic and inorganic components can yield unique sets of properties that cannot be achieved using conventional materials or surface treatment techniques.

The Sol-Gel process that lies at the heart of these multifunctional coatings and nanocomposites is ideal for a range of coating and curing procedures, and makes treating components of widely varying sizes and shapes very easy.

Non-stick performance

Millidyne’s innovative nanocomposites can be used in hard non-stick coatings on metals, ceramics, or polymers; in scratch-resistant AVALON and DYREL coating systems for plastics and metals; and in wear-resistant, thermally sprayed NEOXID coating systems for metals.

Millidyne uses novel material synthesis and processing technologies to extend the range of non-stick applications in particular.

The water and/or oil repellence and easy cleanability of Millidyne’s non-stick AVALON coatings are of special benefit in a number of process industries, and prevent chemicals and other liquid contaminants from sticking to equipment surfaces, surfaces from staining, and dirt from building up. Cleaning times can also be cut.

The water and/or oil repellence and easy cleanability of Millidyne’s non-stick coatings are particularly valuable in a number of process industries.

Cleaner surfaces mean faster and more efficient processes, reduced costs, and lower cleaning chemical consumption.

Millidyne’s non-stick DYREL and AVALON coatings offer controlled flow properties and easy mould release, together with excellent end-product surface properties – as well as improved quality, shorter maintenance downtime, and reduced consumption of release chemicals.

Leading from the front

Millidyne is an active participant in Finland’s national Clean Surfaces Technology Programme, and cooperates with a number of national and international research organisations and industrial partners – ensuring that customers gain access to the latest technological developments.

> Mika Kolari
(Published in High Technology Finland )