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A powerful disc packaging solution

Stora Enso and Xeikon International have developed an innovative solution for CD and DVD packaging. Known as 'Stora Enso DBS powered by Xeikon', the system is designed to offer a turnkey solution for the on-demand printing and production of all CD- and DVD-formatted media. Target markets include the music, film, games, and software industries.

There is a growing demand today for short production runs in the disc production business because of the increasingly fragmented nature of the market. A first run can be as small as 1,000, for example, with subsequent runs in the order of 300 to 500.

Stora Enso's and Xeikon International's solution, known as 'Stora Enso DBS powered by Xeikon' has been designed specifically to meet the needs of low-volume production runs such as this, offering short lead times and cost-effective economics. The use of variable data also makes it easy to produce personalised packaging, including individual logos, names, or other features.

A unique disc pack

The 'Stora Enso DBS powered by Xeikon' production line covers all stages of making DBS (Discbox Slider) packs – Stora Enso's unique paperboard-based disc pack – from printing, die-cutting, and assembly to filling.

DBS is a durable, economical, and environmentally friendly packaging concept, suitable for one or two discs, plus a booklet, while still fitting in standard CD shelving or racks.

DBS is 30% slimmer and 50% lighter than a conventional plastic jewel box, which results in significant savings in terms of material, transportation costs, and shelf space. Being based on paperboard, DBS is also easier to recycle.

Production is driven by a digital work- flow, and is quick and efficient compared to traditional printing methods. Online control of the entire line enables variable data to be used, makes quick change-overs possible, and means that disc packs can be comprehensively personalised.

This level of flexibility opens up new possibilities for using discs in promotions, corporate communications, and direct marketing.

Fig 6. Stora Enso DBS powered by Xeikon. (Click picture to enlarge.)

Combination of benefits

Joining forces with Xeikon in this way has enabled Stora Enso to introduce a secondgeneration DBS system, featuring a Xeikon 5000 digital printing press, a DBS converting machine, and a DBS Pac Master packaging machine.

Stora Enso DBS powered by Xeikon offers:

  • automated online printing and production of DBS packs
  • fast set-up, short lead times, and minimum downtime for maximum profitability, superior cost-efficiency in short runs, and personalised packages
  • top-notch print quality, with a number of finishing options
  • access to a global sales and service network
  • long-term support guaranteed by Stora Enso and Xeikon.

A wealth of business opportunities

The DBS concept is applicable to a wide range of products and services. Current users include major producers and distributors in the music, film, games, software, and photographic industries. Annual reports, catalogues, and user manuals are a growing segment.

The fast set-up, easy operation, high production speed, and reliability of the system offers multiple benefits for a range of projects in today's fast-moving marketplace – where frequent product launches, aggressive sales promotions and localisation, segmentation, personalisation, and fast response times are the name of the game.

Stora Enso DBS

powered by Xeikon


  • Maximum reel diameter: 1500 mm
  • Maximum width: 500 mm

Digital Colour Press

  • Dry toner digital printing press
  • CMYK 5/5 colour; spot colour option

DBS converter

  • UV varnish
  • Foil lamination option
  • Inline cutting and creasing with waste stripping
  • Blank stacks

DBS Pac Master

  • Printed blank assembly with one or two discs and a booklet
  • Standard CD spindles
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