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Compact oxygen and nitrogen generators

Laser Gas manufactures oxygen and nitrogen generators and controlled atmosphere systems. Based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or membrane technology, these compact on-site systems extract oxygen or nitrogen directly from the air – making them a cost-effective alternative to pressurised cylinder gas or liquid tanks in many applications.

Laser Gas' PSA units are based on two or more molecular sieves, which adsorb (attract) nitrogen at high pressure and desorb (release) it at low pressure. Compressed air is fed into one of the sieves, which retains the nitrogen, allowing the oxygen to pass through. Once this sieve is full of nitrogen, the supply is switched to a second sieve and this, in turn, retains nitrogen. The pressure on the first sieve is then reduced, and the retained nitrogen flushed out.

Laser Gas nitrogen generators are used to supply the ultra-pure cooling gas needed for the missiles used by Finland's army, navy, and air force.

Pure and virtually maintenance-free

In normal operation, the molecular sieves are subject to practically no wear, and have minimal servicing requirements. The straightforward design and construction of the units guarantee their reliability. Safety is also very high compared to high-pressure gas cylinders and tanks, as the low pressure in a Laser Gas system never exceeds 4-7 bar.

Laser Gas' PSA oxygen generators produce up to 99%-pure oxygen, ideal use in hospitals, for example. The company's PSA for nitrogen generators can achieve a maximum purity of 99.9999%, which is much higher than cylinder gas. The cost of gas produced by these systems is a fraction of the cost of cylinder gas. An even more valuable benefit however, is the capability to produce gas onsite, making a facility independent of outside suppliers.

Nitrogen gas systems can be tailored to match specific requirements, with output capacities of 1-180 m3/l and delivery pressures of 6-700 bar available.

Analysis services

Laser Gas also provides oxygen hazard analysis services, to assess and mitigate fire hazards when high-pressure oxygen is present in an application. An analysis evaluates potential problems, such as material flammability, ignition sources, system dynamics, operating conditions, valve construction and orientation, and secondary and reaction effects.

> Rauno Hakala
(Published in High Technology Finland )