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Better results using advanced laser solutions

Thanks to the benefits they offer in terms of competitiveness and cost efficiency for micro- and macro-machining, Corelase-developed industrial laser systems are revolutionising a number of material processing areas, and challenging the use of conventional mechanical and laser tools.

Lasers are becoming increasingly attractive solutions for a wide variety of material processing applications. One such area is selective soldering.

Rapid developments in electronics – and the increasing mix of surface mount and through-hole devices, with high-density component leads, pin spacing, and mixed-assembly boards – means that there is a growing requirement for technologies capable of soldering through-hole assemblies and SMTs reliably, automatically, and rapidly. Future trends in optoelectronics and MEMS are likely to only further highlight the need for advanced selective soldering technologies.

The switch to new lead-free solders poses another challenge. Traditional soldering methods sometimes exceed acceptable process thermal loads when used with leadfree solders, which require higher soldering temperatures than tin-lead solders. High peak temperatures can also cause component cracking.

The laser soldering advantage

Laser soldering is a cost-effective selective soldering method for through-hole components when hand, wave, or reflow soldering is neither technically feasible nor desirable, or is simply too expensive. Laser systems are also highly accurate, which makes them ideal for a world where board densities are increasing and pad size is decreasing.

Laser soldering provides localized heat input to a very small area, and produces consistently high-quality joints with excellent mechanical performance. Laser systems can be easily automated, to provide highly efficient, fast lines that are flexible and cleanrunning, thanks to their non-contact mode of operation. Corelase solutions

Corelase solutions

Corelase's D-LASE fibrecoupled direct diode laser system offers high-quality, flexible soldering.

include fibre-coupled diode laser systems, continuous wave and ultra-short pulse mode-locked fibre laser systems, and components such as diode lasers. As all the company's products are designed to be easily configurable, they are suitable for a range of requirements.

Corelase's D-LASE fibre-coupled direct diode laser system, for example, offers a high-quality soldering process that is efficient, robust, flexible, and easy to integrate – and one that can be customised to individual processes and specific material requirements.

> Jari Sillanpää
(Published in High Technology Finland )