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Take cover!

FY-Composites develops and supplies composite-based products for a variety of applications, including lightweight armour protection for personnel, vehicles, ships, and equipment. The Rapid Shelter System is one of the latest examples of the company's philosophy of combining high protection with low weight.

FY-Composites' Rapid Shelter System (international patent pending) is a new and innovative ballistic protection system designed to meet the needs of rapid response forces in particular. Using this military-certified lightweight system, protective walls can be built and dismantled in just a few minutes, offering troops valuable and potentially life-saving protection during short stops or fast-moving operations.

The system's panels provide a high level of protection for men and equipment – single panels can be used to protect against flying fragments and shrapnel, while double panels provide bullet protection.

The Rapid Shelter System is simple and easy to use. Its two basic components – square modules, weighing approximately 18 kg each, and triangular modules, weighing approximately 8 kg each – are fitted with innovative quick couplings and supporting legs. This makes it possible to erect a variety of different fortification combinations in a very short time.

All components are non-moistureabsorbent and resistant to UV-radiation and fuel and oil, and can be used at temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +60 °C.

FY-Composites' Rapid Shelter System is highly versatile, and ideal for the needs of military personnel and humanitarian organisations operating in conflict areas.


The versatility of the Rapid Shelter System means that it can be adapted to a variety of needs, including military, peace-keeping, and policing applications, such as military operations, mine clearance, siege situations, and property protection.

It is also ideal for use by humanitarian organisations in high-risk areas, to enhance the security of window and door openings or to provide protection for people and property when fitted to the sides of vehicles.

Keeping everyone protected

FY-Composites has operated as a full-service supplier and manufacturer of lightweight reinforced plastic composite products and solutions since 1986.

Products are developed in close cooperation with customers, and are often tailored to specific needs. Advanced analysis methods and design tools, together with a thorough understanding of composite materials, help ensure that customers get the advanced, lightweight, and cost-effective products they want within short development times.

FY-Composites' ability to model mechanical, thermo-mechanical, vibration, shock, and ballistic behaviour accurately and effectively lies at the heart of the company's ballistic protection technology – and has resulted in a range of lightweight armoured solutions for protecting personnel, vehicles, ships, equipment, buildings, and other structures.

> Kari Nygren
(Published in High Technology Finland )