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A window on Finland’s information society

Launched in autumn 2002, e.finland.fi offers visitors up-todate information on Finnish ICT know-how and the latest developments in Finland’s information society. Updated daily, e.finland.fi provides a cross-section of information in the form of expert articles, statistics, and news on a wide range of topics, including eBusiness, eGovernment, eEducation & eCulture, mobility, and R&D.

Finland is often referred to as an information society laboratory, something that has drawn growing attention to Finnish developments. e.Finland.fi was established for people around the world to find out more about these developments, offering a ‘one-stop shop’ for all information society-related facts and figures.

The site has proved popular, and is regularly visited by people from international businesses, R&D organisations, and others interested in the development of global and local information societies and communities.

By far the largest number of visitors to the site currently comes from the United States, with those from other EU countries and Asia coming next. Overall, more than 80% of the site’s visitors are either from countries other than Finland or people from .edu, .org, .com, and similar domains.

The growing trend in Finland, as elsewhere, is to take advantage of the flexibility offered by mobility.

On the ball

e.Finland.fi publishes a weekly newsletter and topical articles of the month. The newsletter is sent out on an e-mail subscription basis to a steadily growing group of readers all around the world.

e.finland.fi’s articles of the month concentrate on topics ranging from new ICT trends in education, to accessibility regardless of age, social standing, or handicaps, to data security and data protection challenges.


Ministry for Foreign Affairs www.formin.fi
Ministry of Finance www.vm.fi
Ministry of Transport and Communications www.mintc.fi
Tekes, National Technology Agency www.tekes.fi
TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre www.tieke.fi

Broad-based networking

e.Finland.fi has been developed and is maintained by a group of contributors from Finland’s largest ministries and various national agencies. Working together, the idea from the start has been to focus on a single, comprehensive site, helping users avoid unnecessary surfing or search engine use.


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