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Integrate for better performance

Mermit Business Applications' MISP product line offers enterprise customers a comprehensive set of tools and applications for making effective use of SMS and MMS. Products include an easy-to-use messaging application and software for rapidly building tailored applications to connect enterprise applications or information sources and their mobile users.
Mermit Business Applications Ltd.

The substitution of voice with alternative means of communications, such as email, SMS, and MMS, has steadily eroded the once-lucrative profits of voice services in the telecommunications business in recent years. More and more companies are looking at the possibilities of either saving more money or gaining additional revenues by integrating different mobile messaging services as a part of their core business or support functions.

This is where Mermit Business Applications' advanced Mobile Integration and Service Platform (MISP) comes in, as it gives aggregators, brokers, and enterprises a fast start in deploying new mobile services and integrating SMS/MMS functions in their operational systems.

By combining the latest technology with high quality and reliability, MISP products provide a solid base and an excellent return on investment – which probably explains why MISP is used on all the world's major wireless markets today to provide high-end messaging, service management, and wireless enterprise connectivity.

Customers already benefiting from Mermit MISP include Amadeus, the City of Helsinki, Crealogix, Elisa, eQ Pankki, Finnair, HOK, Metso, Radiolinja, Siemens, Sunrise, Volvo, and the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).

Integrated eBiz

The development of MISP was driven from the start by the desire to provide customers with an open, reliable, and scalable solution for mobilising their services and functions. Java was seen as the way to go, because of the software opportunities it offers and the fact that it is an open language, giving serviceability and manageability, with excellent price performance and cost-competitiveness.

MISP works with a large number of interfaces, such as SAP, J2EE, RosettaNET, EDI, WebServices, and HL7; and includes a provisioning server that enables standalone applications to be downloaded and installed automatically over wireless networks.

An expert partner

An expert in all the leading technologies and platforms powered by server-side Java, Mermit Business Applications offers a range of enterprise solutions and B2B & B2C applications, together with consultancy on IT integration projects and outsourcing services.

> Pietari Päivanen
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