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Wireless switchboards - better connections for less

Sonera has developed a wireless switchboard solution that offers a number of benefits over conventional fixed-line hardware-based solutions. Being a service solution, Sonera's product does not require the type of investments that conventional systems do, saving on investment costs. Not only that, it also brings switchboard services to mobile phones, improving people's reachability, wherever they are.
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The great majority of customer contacts at companies today are phone-based. With the increasing use of mobile phones, and the growing trend of people to be on the move and away from their desk, conventional switchboard systems are rarely up to the challenge of ensuring that people are connected when they need to be.

Switching to Sonera's wireless switchboard solution brings a new measure of flexibility, as it provides an all-in approach that embraces mobile numbers, desk numbers, operator services, and system management and cost-tracking capabilities.

Better customer service

It does this through the use of single company numbers linked to both mobile and fixed-line extensions – 'hiding' the workings of the system from users, whether people calling or being called, and ensuring that calls reach people more effectively.

As an added benefit, it also enables employees to be left in peace when they are not on call or on duty, which is not possible with a standard mobile number, unless they turn off their phone.

The system's flexibility offers a number of options that can be tailored to different times of the day and days of the week. These can include direct patch-throughs to secretaries and PAs, voice messaging, answer machines, and SMS – all with much lower call transfer costs than typical of a conventional system. 'Lite' call centre-type services can also be provided, depending on needs.

Less really is more

Desk phones are often largely irrelevant for people who are mainly on the move, and away from the desk where their fixed-line phone is. On the other hand, desk phones have a number of features that mobile phones do not offer. Requiring people to have two phones and two numbers, however, brings added costs and does little to improve connectability and availability. Acquiring and running conventional PBX exchanges is also not cheap.

Sonera's system bypasses this 'twophone dilemma' by enabling people to have one 'connection' and, more importantly, one better connection.

It gives mobile users access to true switchboard services, and eliminates the need for in-house switchboards. It also offers excellent scalability and expandability, with more facilities and more system management tools available for the needs of larger organisations, or as needs grow in a smaller organisation.

You can't lose

Customer experience with Sonera's wireless switchboard solution, together with impartial research reports, have confirmed that total cost savings of more than 25% are possible by switching over from a conventional system. This alone makes a very convincing case for Sonera's solution. Add to this the improved level of customer service that it offers, the true mobility that it allows, and the flexibility that it provides in terms of scalability – and you have a truly winning service.

> Pekka Reinikainen
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