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Making power distribution safer

VAMP specialises in the development and manufacture of a full range of protection relays, power quality metering solutions, and arc protection systems for power generation and distribution systems – for low- and mediumvoltage switchgear, industrial power systems, and power plants. In addition to protecting equipment and property, VAMP arc protection systems provide valuable protection for operating personnel.

VAMP's modern computerised protection relays provide continuous condition monitoring for power distribution systems, generating commands to disconnect faulty pieces of equipment before they can cause unnecessary damage to equipment or harm to personnel. For even greater safety, VAMP supplies arc protection relays.

Arc protection relays are capable of operating three to four times faster than conventional protection relays. By monitoring the simultaneous appearance of light and current typical of arcing during phase or neutral overcurrent, an arc protection relay can operate both faster and more reliably. This speed helps reduce the risk of personnel being involved in electrical accidents, as an arc fault can result in extremely serious damage to both personnel and equipment.

A VAMP 255 feeder manager unit, with optional arc protection functionality.

Protection in depth

Should an arc fault arise in switchgear, a VAMP arc protection system immediately trips an upstream circuit breaker. Attaching a pin-type arc sensor to the clothes of personnel working with or near switchgear adds a further level of protection.

The benefits offered by arc protection in extending the service life of power distribution systems has seen arc protection become well-established in the pulp and paper industry, for example, as well as by utilities. The bulk of new low-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear deliveries today also include preinstalled arc protection.

Retrofitting existing equipment

To smooth the adoption of its adv anced arc protection systems, VAMP has specifically designed them so that they can be retrofitted easily and rapidly to virtually any existing low- and medium-voltage switchgear, even equipment up 30 to 40 years old.

Any VAMP protection relay based on measuring current can be supplied with optional arc protection connectors, transforming it into an autonomous arc protection device that can be combined with other VAMP protection relays to form an integrated arc protection system. Existing VAMP arc protection system can also be easily extended with retrofitted relays to enhance arc protection levels.

A VAMP 255 feeder manager unit, with optional arc protection functionality.
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