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The 'complete approach' to delicious bread and pastry

Hydrovoima has been in the business of manufacturing industrial bakery equipment – and helping bakeries improve their productivity and the quality of their products – since 1962. In addition to individual machines and lines, Hydrovoima focuses on providing customers with a total process know-how package, as it believes that know-how is what ultimately helps a bakery produce truly original ideas, designs, and solutions.
Hydrovoima Oy

Hydrovoima's core products – industrial production lines for bread and rolls, thin bread, flat bread, pizza bases, and pastry, together with dough sheeting machines and industrial charging systems – incorporate a number of innovative ideas. Many of these have been patented, such as the spreading roller system and octagonal feeding roller unit used in the company's dough sheeters.

Hydrovoima's VE Sheeter and Junior Sheeter have been designed around the idea of handling dough as gently as possible to ensure high quality and produce bread with excellent volume that stays fresh longer.

Consistent quality products

The dough sheets produced by this approach are of excellent quality, very consistent, and of an ideal consistency for being taken directly to the make-up line. Hydrovoima sheeters can produce a uniform dough band sheeted down to as little as 0.5 mm if needed, while still handling sticky mixtures such as potato dough and gingerbread.

The company's dough sheeters are fully automatic, and a sheeter line can be easily adjusted and operated using inverters and potentiometers, or with the help of PLC control.

Incorporating system thinking from the ground up, Hydrovoima's products represent a flexible production line philosophy, and can be used to sheet dough for a wide variety of products, such as pizzas, pita bread, tortillas, and potato bread.

Pastries too

Hydrovoima's Pastry Production Line is based on the VE or Junior Sheeter. If needed, laminated dough for puff pastry, from a laminating line, can be fed through the bottom belt of the sheeter.

The line's make-up table is equipped with a full range of accessories, such as rotary cutters, scrap pickers, curling rollers, decoration shears, guillotines, jam depositors, and decoration dusters. A retracting charger sets the products on trays or sends them directly to the proofer.

The low flour requirement for dusting typical of a Hydrovoima line, combined with its efficient flour dust removal system, results in improved hygiene and a healthier working environment for bakery staff.

An industrial pastry dough sheeting line built around an automatic, continuously operating Hydrovoima VE 600 Sheeter.
> Seppo Hakala
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