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Keeping the globe a cleaner place

Drawing on its extensive experience in oil spill response, Lamor has developed a new Clean Globe concept that is expected to form the heart of an extensive network of environmental protection centres worldwide providing superior, yet cost-effective solutions and resources.
Clean Globe International Oy

Based around a core oil spill response capability, Lamor sees its Clean Globe Centers as eventually becoming integral environmental centres, offering a broad spectrum of services – including ship waste management and disposal, water and land remediation, environmental impact assessments, monitoring and supervision services, outsourcing services, environmental auditing, and comprehensive accident response.

The pilot site of what Lamor believes will become an extensive worldwide network of Clean Globe Centers.

A pilot site is already up and running outside Porvoo, east of Helsinki.

The right equipment and know-how

Clean Globe Centers are designed to remedy the problems a lack of educated personnel, expertise, and equipment often bring when dealing with major oil spills and other environmental crises.

The focus is on real-life needs rather than the type of resource provision suggested by insurance mathematics, which tends to be undersized. To be maximally effective when a crisis strikes, equipment, as well as operational capabilities, must be kept up-to-date. Lamor believes that doing this in a way that also generates a profitable level of revenue and helps the public sector save money will be among the key benefits of its new concept.

The need to respond rapidly to this type of pollution, along the coast of northwestern Spain in 2002, drives Lamor's vision.

Cost-effective and reliable

The driving force behind the Clean Globe concept will be networking, rooted in Lamor's existing global technology and service provider network, which already covers more than 50 countries.

Networking also means transferring know-how to local specialists, rather than relying on expatriates. An in-depth local presence will ensure rapid reaction times – of no more than two to three hours – for the new Clean Globe Centers. This compares very favourably with the typical reaction times, extending into days, of conventional systems, with only a few Tier III centres in operation worldwide.

The Clean Globe concept highlights Lamor's ongoing transition from a manufacturer and developer of oil spill response equipment to a service provider supplying complete oil spill response solutions.

This process is also reflected in two other major developments, which took place at the end of 2005: the setting-up of Lamor's first environmental protection centre in Russia, in the Nefte Yugansk oil production region east of the Urals; and the signing of a major agreement with the European Union's European Maritime Safety Agency. Under the latter, Lamor will establish two oil spill response centres – one in Porvoo in Finland and the other in Copenhagen – and a pool of five vessels that can be mobilised very rapidly to improve oil spill response readiness Baltic-wide.

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