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Cleaning up

In a world where air pollution, industrial espionage, and waste volumes are growing all the time, Puzair's central vacuum cleaning equipment, advanced shredder systems, and waste-handling systems help make people's working and living environments healthier and safer.

Puzair's central vacuum cleaning systems for family homes, residential buildings, offices, hotels, public spaces, and even passenger ships offer a number of benefits in terms of human health and the 'health' of sensitive equipment, such as computers. Air quality is enhanced thanks to the fact that dust is not recirculated inside, helping prevent allergies, as well as microbe- and mould-induced problems.

Puzair's centralised waste-handling systems are highly efficient and hygienic, and are suitable for a wide variety of locations, including residential buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, congress centres, and restaurants. Puzair also supplies turnkey solutions for transporting, separating, sorting, and collecting waste for industrial sites.

Vacuuming is also less noisy, because the machinery in a Puzair system is located away from where people live or work. The workload for cleaners is lighter, as they only need to hook up a hose to the nearest outlet rather than pull or push around a heavy unit.

Secure document disposal

Security is an increasingly important consideration in modern business life, and companies need to ensure that confidential information does not get into the wrong hands. Doing this efficiently on the spot is the best approach, believes Puzair, which is why it has developed the VacuShred system.

Shredders discharge into hoppers rather than bags, linked by vacuum pipes to a central container. When a unit is activated, the vacuum system starts up immediately, carrying dust away from the shredding zone along with the waste.

With no bags of shredded material to empty, VacuShred is 'online' 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and anyone feeding a document, transparency, disc, or cassette into a VacuShred unit can be 100% certain that nobody will ever be able to read it again.

Puzair's VacuShred can be installed in both new and existing buildings. Offering very low servicing and maintenance costs, the system has already been sold to customers in over 20 countries.

Better waste solutions

Handling domestic waste using a modern Puzair centralised collection system can cut costs by as much as 70% compared to traditional systems. Puzair's systems also offer higher standards of hygiene, as everything is fully enclosed, reducing unwelcome odours and 'cleaning up' the environment around buildings as well.

Organic waste can be handled very effectively. Users collect different types of waste into separate bags and push the appropriate button when dropping a bag into the Puzair system. This then transports the waste along a hermetically sealed pipeline to a hydraulic pressing unit intended for the specific waste fraction in question.

Several buildings can be connected to the same system, and the number of waste fractions processed is practically unlimited, with users able to add further fractions to an existing system when needed.

> Anna Värtö
(Published in High Technology Finland )