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On-screen heat

A leading Finnish producer of systems for regulating heating, domestic hot water, and air conditioning in locations ranging from private homes to large residential buildings, Ouman Finland has recently launched its EH-net server – bringing control options to people's browsers.
Ouman Finland Oy

The ease of use, precise control, and reliability of the heating, hot water, and air conditioning regulators offered by Ouman Finland has given the company a solid reputation. In the case of heating regulators, Ouman is now the market leader in Finland in the family home sector, and also in the market for larger facilities.

Ouman's new EH-net server brings remote control functions to people's browsers.

Ouman's EH-80, for example, provides inexpensive and compact single-circuit analogue heating regulation, while the EH-200 series provides digital control for up to three circuits.

Both ensure that homes are always evenly heated whatever the weather outside, and eliminate the thermal energy losses that inevitably occur with manual systems and the inaccurate regulation they provide. A rise in room temperature of as little as 1° C, for example, can increase energy consumption by as much as 5%.

Via your mobile

The Ouman EH-203 enables home-owners or building managers to access measurement data, set system values, read and modify control modes and relay functions, and check alarms via their mobile phone.

In addition to controlling indoor temperature and other parameters, Ouman controllers enable users to lock outside doors, and switch air conditioning, ventilation units, and lighting on or off. Heating at a holiday home, for example, can be switched from an energy-saving cycle to normal status with no more than a short SMS.

Via the Internet

Ouman's new EH-net server brings these remote control functions to people's browsers. With the help of EH-net, owners and managers can operate Ouman controllers via the Internet or computers connected to a facility's local network.

And like all Ouman products, an EH-net server is inexpensive, simple to configure, and easy to use.

An EH-net server can be connected to a maximum of 30 devices linked to a serial Modbus, and provides comprehensive administration capabilities in terms of operation, control, and monitoring.

Administration of the IP addresses of EH-net servers on a bus is easy using a separate program, which enables users to identify devices on the basis of their name or address.

EH-net collects information from connected Ouman devices continuously. Alarms generated by controllers are transmitted via EH-net to the appropriate person, by e-mail or SMS.

> Kaija Tölli
(Published in High Technology Finland )