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Information management – a core competence for utilities

Process Vision offers a range of sophisticated systems for energy information management in today's world of energy trading and market deregulation. With more than 10 years of experience and over 100 highly skilled experts dedicated to solving emerging challenges in Europe and Australasia, the company has secured a solid foothold in the energy IT market.

Process Vision has moved ahead rapidly over the last two years in helping energy companies in northern and central Europe tackle their IT challenges with its GENERIS family of products. The GENERIS Utility Information System, for example, proved a great success with a number of national grid companies and leading power exchanges in 2006; and the company's new integrated customer information and billing system has already been selected by 16 utilities, including one of the largest in the Nordic region.

Salzburg AG, a major Austrian energy company, is one of the latest utilities to select a GENERIS system for managing its energy trading and contract portfolios.

Process Vision has spent more than 170 man-years developing its state-of-the-art GENERIS IT system. This includes tools for metering asset management and measurement data warehousing, as well as for balance settlement for network operators. GENERIS is also ideal for energy trading and portfolio management by energy retailers and traders; and GENERIS balance settlement systems are available for independent system operators operating at national grid level.

A robust, long-lasting solution

Process Vision's full-scale customer information and billing system opens up a new era for utility markets. The backbone of the system – based on the GENERIS platform and new modules for work process management, business process modelling, and billing – is now fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX and CR.

Known as GENERIS Energy Vertical, the system can serve as a utility's overall solution for energy information and customer management, and even as a legacy system, providing major cost savings and system integration benefits. By using best-of-breed solutions for every business process, it offers a smooth path to a robust and long-lasting IT solution with very reasonable total cost of ownership.

Modular integration

Process Vision's GENERIS software offers a wide range of solutions covering the needs of all parties on today's deregulated energy markets. The load settlement capabilities incorporated into the GENERIS platform are particularly appreciated by customers – thanks to the additional features and functionality they provide compared to offerings from larger suppliers, and the fact that GENERIS is an easy, off-the-shelf solution for upgrading existing systems.

GENERIS can also easily handle the immense quantities of interval data collected by automatic meter reading (AMR) systems and used in validating load settlement amounts and billing customers. No surprise then that a number of Swedish and Finnish utilities, with a total of over 1.1 million metering points, selected GENERIS Measurement Data Warehouse when they began collecting measurement data from their household customers in May 2005.

> Simo Makkonen
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