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Lighting up worksites – safely

Centaurea is committed to helping make people's workplaces safer, particularly those with areas where flammable liquids, gases, or dust may cause the risk of an explosion – by designing, producing, and supplying high-quality lighting units meeting the requirements of legislation such as the EU's ATEX directive.

Ex areas are found in many industries, including food manufacturing, chemicals, refining, wood processing, shipbuilding, and energy generation – as well as those directly involved in the manufacture, transportation, storage, and handling of flammable liquids and gases, of course. Employers are responsible for assessing the risk of explosion in these areas, and for ensuring a safe working environment for employees, by specifying the tools and equipment that can be used there.

The SLAM family of products has been designed to be durable, reliable, capable of providing powerful illumination, easy to maintain – and above all, safe.

The ATEX system defines a number of danger zones, based on the likelihood of an explosive atmosphere and its likely duration: Zones 0, 1, and 2 for flammable gases and liquids; and Zones 20, 21, and 22 for dust. The equipment detailed in 'Explosion Protection Documents' must be chosen in accordance with these zones.

The right lighting is critical

Lighting is a critical factor for health and safety in many of these areas, as they can often be very confined, as in the case of tanks or containers, and work here can be very difficult in insufficient lighting.

The genuinely portable, lightweight, and versatile range of lighting developed by Centaurea provides the lighting people need to get the job done in these locations.

The SLAM family has been designed to be durable, reliable, capable of providing sufficient light output, easy to maintain – and above all, safe. Customer feedback has played an important part in product development over the years, and in ensuring that SLAM products really live up to every aspect of users' expectations.

Ex protection

The ex-protected SLAM range consists of three products: the SLAM Zero, the SLAM Hornet, and the SLAM Tube. All offer robust construction, light weight, and powerful illumination.

The SLAM Zero consists of a control unit and a high-intensity LED-based lamp unit for use in Zone 0 and 20 areas. The SLAM Hornet, designed for Zone 1, 2, 21, and 22 areas, offers more options, many also certified for dust areas. Units can be linked where needed.

In dusty environments classified as Zone 21 or 22, the SLAM Tube Dust is the solution of choice. Comprehensively dust-sealed, the SLAM Tube Dust can be hung by its cable in tall silos, while magnet fixing points are particularly handy inside containers and tanks. Illumination angles can vary from 180 to 360°. Fluorescent tubes are the main light source in this product, but LEDs are also available.

A range of SLAM units is also available for non-hazardous industrial areas, offering the same hallmark safety, reliability, and economy that users are familiar with from the ex-protected range.

> Tarmo Rintala
(Published in High Technology Finland )