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Natural is better

o3systems specialises in developing, marketing, and supplying innovative, high-quality dry disinfection solutions based on natural disinfectants – for cleaning indoor air, keeping surfaces clean, and eliminating unwelcome odours.
o3systems' DDS system provides continuous antibacterial protection and odour removal.

o3systems' dry disinfection (DDS) technology is based on an innovative combination of the four most powerful natural disinfectants: UV-C light, ozone, OH radicals, and negative ions. Strong ultraviolet light, together with negative ions, is used to produce hydroxyl molecules in the presence of airborne water molecules.

The process mimics the natural production of hydroxyl in the atmosphere through ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Hydroxyl molecules play a crucial role in helping keep the earth's atmosphere clear of chemical pollutants by breaking down potentially harmful airborne organic compounds.

The hydroxyl produced by the o3 process breaks down organic material in the air into harmless carbon dioxide and water. In fact, an o3 DDS system can eliminate virtually all harmful bacteria and viruses from the air, surfaces, and foodstuffs, as well as the unpleasant odours associated with them.

A worldwide patent for the technology has been applied for, and units are already in use in Finland, Estonia, Poland, and Spain. The latest international customer is Dubai's second-largest shopping centre, which has installed a system to eliminate a persistent and unwelcome odour in a waste handling area that other technology had proved unable to control.

A solution for every location

o3systems' DDS technology is ideal for a wide range of locations and uses where bacteria and odour are a problem.

Wall-mounted AirController units, for example, are ideal for restaurants and bars, hotel rooms, public toilets, beauty salons, fitness clubs, and even the home. Units operate virtually silently and use very little electricity. They are virtually service-free, as no filters are used and UV lamps only need to be replaced around every 10,000 hours.

Larger locations, such as hospitals, exhibition centres, and airports, are best served by AirController DDS Air Duct Modules, which can be installed inside or outside air ducts just after fresh air intakes. Modules disseminate disinfecting air throughout a building, and keep air ducts clean and hygienic at the same time. Customised for the specific needs of different customers and locations, modules are delivered as installation-ready units.

Cruise ships represent an interesting potential application, and a pilot installation is already in use, and more could be in the pipeline. There is also clear potential in the food manufacturing sector, and units are already in use in poultry houses, where benefits have included improved growth among chickens.

> Jouni Lehtimäki
(Published in High Technology Finland )