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Setting a new standard in grounds care

The totally electronic and almost totally silent Actioneco marks a new era in upkeep machines for golf courses, sports grounds, and parks. Very easy to use and very versatile as well, the Actioneco sets a new standard in grounds care – and costs a fraction of conventional machines to run as well.

The Actioneco represents a completely new generation of grounds upkeep machine. It is completely electrically powered, eliminating the exhaust fumes and trace oil and grease left behind on the ground by conventional machines. The virtually silent noise signature of the Actioneco's engine also means that it will not keep anyone awake – or wake up anyone either, come to that – living close to a course or other facility.

The totally electronic Actioneco is completely non-polluting and almost totally silent.

The sleek lines of the machine tell you from the start that the Actioneco is something new. These hide a set of high-efficiency, yet cost-effective lithium-ion batteries, similar to those familiar from modern mobile phones. They deliver sufficient power to handle a full eight-hour day's worth of work, and can be recharged rapidly as well. The batteries can be recharged thousands of times before needing to be replaced.

All-round versatility

Each of the wheels of the Actioneco is fitted with an AC servomotor, which allows speed to be regulated very smoothly. Thanks to a smart electronic control system, the driver can turn the three-wheel unit virtually on a dime, by engaging one of the front wheels in forward drive and the other in reverse. Electronic traction control prevents the machine from leaving any unsightly skid marks on a pristine fairway or green.

Electronic control is also used to regulate the height of the machine's cut, from as little as 1 mm to 50, to give a very precise result.

As the mowing unit can be removed and replaced by other attachments, the Actioneco is ideal for virtually any upkeep job, eliminating the need for different machines for different duties, as is normally the case.

All functions are controlled from a touch display, while steering is handled via a modern joystick – both embedded in either armrest. The seat can be turned in any direction desired, enabling the Actioneco to be operated reverse-first if needed.

Thanks to its sheer versatility, one Actioneco can easily do the job of at least two conventional machines – and at very low cost as well, as the energy needed for a full day's work costs about a euro.

  • The world's first electric upkeep machine powered by lithium-ion batteries
  • Fitted with high-efficiency servomotors for maximum control
  • Non-polluting and virtually silent
  • No hydraulics means no hydraulic leaks
  • Versatile range of attachments for everything from mowing to spreading fertiliser, make it a true multipurpose machine
  • Electronic cutting height adjustment for the perfect cut
  • Automatic clipping collection and disposal
  • Seat can be rotated 270° for maximum flexibility
  • Can be controlled equally easily with the right or left hand.
> Mauno Keski-Luopa
(Published in High Technology Finland )