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Harnessing the wind

WinWinD wind turbines are designed for conditions where high reliability and availability are critical. Thanks to their modern technology, WWD turbines are able to generate electricity efficiently even in low wind conditions.

Drawing on more than 20 years of German experience in wind turbine development, and Finnish expertise in wind turbine components and energy generation, Winwind has created a new generation of wind turbines using Multibrid® technology.

WinWinD turbines are designed for the toughest conditions. These units generate electricity at 30 °C below in Oulunsalo in northern Finland.

The company set itself the objective of developing efficient, reliable, and maintenance-friendly wind turbines, with the potential for extensive further development – and has succeeded in achieving, and even exceeding, this goal.

WWD turbines are based on state-of-the-art technology, with an integrated power unit featuring a highly reliable planetary gear system and a slowly rotating generator. This solution combines the best features of direct drive and high-speed gearbox systems.

The low rotational speed of the power unit ensures a long service life. Units have a low maintenance requirement, and all service can be carried out on-site, without the need for expensive equipment.

This results in a design that offers the best yield over the entire life-cycle of an installation.

Many customers have appreciated this focus on life-cycle thinking, instead of looking at the initial purchase price alone – and recent contracts include deliveries to customers in Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia, and France.

The largest WinWinD unit has a rated output of 3 MW. Units of this size will represent the fastest-growing segment of the wind turbine market in the future. .

Network-based business model

In terms of its business model, Winwind favours a network approach, with maximised local content.

The company keeps its core activities in-house, and cooperates with a network of long-term partners. Collaboration with local partners ensures that wind farm owners have access to sufficient technical expertise locally, and also offers significant opportunities for local industry in countries where WinWinD turbines are installed.

> Erkki Kunnari
(Published in High Technology Finland )