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Data from the field makes a better product

Sammet Dampers, part of the Sammet Group, is the leading supplier of industrial dampers in the Nordic region today. The company has evolved over the last 20 years from a subcontractor into a front-line producer, booking an average over 100 projects a year with major boiler and gas cleaning system manufacturers. The new range of Sammet® Diverter Dampers is expected to further strengthen the company’s offering.
Sammet Dampers Oy

Sammet Dampers supplies dampers – regulating, isolating, disc, safety, diverter, and guillotine units – for a wide range of applications. Traditionally used in conventional gas control and isolation applications, Sammet® products are increasingly finding their way into gas cleaning and safety systems.

The steady introduction of ever-tougher environmental and emissions regulations has seen a parallel rise in damper performance requirements, and today’s units offer high levels of precise control, making a valuable contribution to higher utilisation rates and more cost-effective processes. Safety dampers not only help reduce emissions, but also enable maintenance personnel to service other equipment without additional stoppages.

Sammet uses fully computerised 3D-design tools to tailor its deliveries to customers’ needs, both in terms of dimensioning and system layouts, and to ensure short delivery times (sample graphic below). A comprehensive, ISO 9001-certified quality system guarantees quality from design through manufacturing to after-sales service.

Sample graphic

Diverter dampers

Sammet’s continuous R&D effort has recently led to the launch of the company’s first full-range product line designed from the outset on the basis of field-collected data to meet customer needs across a wide spectrum of different conditions: Sammet® Diverter Dampers.

The year-long project that led up to the launch saw Sammet go out into the field to survey real-life operating conditions and feed this input into the material and component selection and optimisation process. Extensive data was collected from different types and sizes of diesel power plants and flue gas clean-up units, in particular, as these represent the single largest application area for diverter dampers.

When the material and component selection process had been completed, prototype units were modelled and tested. A number of unique Sammet features, many of which have been patented, were also integrated, to give new levels of performance and security.

The result is a cost-effective range of products covering all the most commonly used unit sizes, offering enhanced system integrity and gas flow, and ease of use, combined with safe operation and simplified maintenance.

R&D, research projects with leading laboratories and research institutes, and customer feedback will be used to generate further improvements in the future. Close cooperation with leading boiler manufacturers will be particularly important.

> Kimmo Minkkinen
(Published in High Technology Finland )