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Luxury off the shelf

WOODWORLD supplies property developers with a wide range of housing options utilising the WOODWORLD Construction Concept. This standardised system is based on advanced technology, and prefabricated, fast-to-erect elements and components.

WOODWORLD's prefabricated timber buildings combine advanced construction technology with natural materials and contemporary architectural design. Half a century of experience, together with a strong commitment to quality, have given WOODWORLD the ability to create buildings with a human touch that can be constructed easily, rapidly, economically, and in harmony with the environment worldwide.

Reflecting the fact that the most significant environmental impact associated with a building takes place during construction, the WOODWORLD system requires a minimum of site clearance, excavation, and on-site carpentry.

WOODWORLD designs are ideal for holiday or retirement use.

The company's prefabricated elements and components have been designed with a small set of standard tools in mind, to make erection and assembly easy and fast anywhere; and shipments are designed to allow manual unloading at destinations where the use of cranes or other heavy equipment is restricted or impossible.

WOODWORLD structures are ideal for a wide variety of conditions, including high wind loads, snow, and seismic hazards. Buildings can be erected easily on sloping sites in hilly and mountainous areas, on uneven surfaces, or even over water, as only simple concrete pillars with footings or a concrete slab are required.

Building components are produced from raw materials from renewable forests, and all materials are guaranteed to be safe and do not generate harmful emissions. The company's Healthy House Concept – with its breathing, energy-saving insulation and wall structures – makes for excellent comfort, whatever the climate.

WOODWORLD homes offer flexibility and uncluttered vistas.

A complete package

WOODWORLD services include a complete package from design to on-site supervision of erection, giving developers a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

The WOODWORLD service programme begins with architectural design to a customer's specific requirements. Engineering follows EU standards, and everything for a complete house package is supplied.

Luxury comes as standard in upmarket developments based on a WOODWORLD delivery.

The entire package is then shipped to the location in question, which can be anywhere worldwide – WOODWORLD has been exporting housing units to customers on four continents for decades, after all – using standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers. Full on-site supervision and training for local workers is available for erection.

To help developers, WOODWORLD can also provide a comprehensive package of material for promotion purposes prior to a development being built or for the on-site marketing of show houses once erected.

Unique benefits

WOODWORLD's tried and tested construction concept simplifies the process of creating unique residential areas that are sure to attract customers. Smooth and rapid construction minimises the time capital is tied up and makes site management easier as well.

The inbuilt flexibility of the WOODWORLD concept – and its unique load-bearing frame structure – means that even large developments can offer a high level of individual design and variety. Buyers' wishes can be taken into account easily, and internal layouts adapted to different needs and tastes.

The system is as at home acting as the basis for residential and second home developments, as it is for resort hotel projects. Location is also not a problem, as WOODWORLD has developed standards for climates varying from northern to continental and tropical conditions.

Large windows and airy open spaces have always been a feature of WOODWORLD solutions.
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