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Delivering protection and performance

Several hundred Patria armoured wheeled vehicles are in active use in international peacekeeping missions, as personnel carriers and ambulances. Patria's latest international success in this category, the Patria AMV, offers versions for a variety of needs.

Excellent mobility, effective protection, versatile adaptability, and easy air transportability are key priorities for forces handling crises and peacekeeping duties today. Patria's latest international success, the Patria AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle), is the only fourth-generation armoured wheeled vehicle already in serial production and active use that can meet the needs of these and other missions.

Patria's mission is to offer outstanding protection and performance for today's and tomorrow's complex peacekeeping tasks. All of Patria's solutions, such as the Patria Nemo shown here, are NATO-compatible, interoperable, and modular.

Patria has been contracted to supply, or is in the final stage of negotiations to supply, some 1,200 AMVs, and expects to deliver around 200 by the end of 2006. Poland and Finland have chosen the AMV as the new personnel carrier for their armies, in 2002 and 2004 respectively; and Slovenia followed in June 2006, when it selected the Patria AMV as their preferred armoured vehicle.

The twin-barrelled 120 mm AMOS (Armoured Mortar System) and the Patria Nemo, featuring a 120 mm unmanned mortar turret, provide maximum protection in a wide range of crisis situations, and are capable of highly accurate direct and indirect fire.

Based on Patria's specialist weapon systems know-how, the Nemo, launched in June 2006, is the latest fruit of the company's intense and innovative product development programme.

Seeing in the dark and in the sky

Patria's VV2000 Night Vision System is already in use in peacekeeping operations by the Estonian and Czech forces in Afghanistan and Kosovo. Peacekeeping missions involving area patrolling, monitoring demonstrations, and searching for missing persons can also benefit from Patria's Modular Airborne Sensor Systems.

A consortium led by Patria received the first technology study order from the European Defence Agency on extended-endurance unmanned air vehicles in 2005, and Patria joined the German 'Agile UAV in Network Centric Environment' R&T programme in November 2006.

Drawing on its other aviation expertise, Patria provides elementary and basic pilot training to the Finnish Air Force, and is working with the latter and the Finnish Ministry of Defence to develop the Kauhava air base into an international military jet centre for advanced and tactical pilot training.

The centre will use upgraded Hawk jet aircraft with ample air space, and offer programmes based on proven Finnish Air Force training methods that have been used successfully for over 10 years to train pilots for the F/A18 Hornet.

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