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Managing information for today’s deregulated energy sector

Process Vision is a leading IT system supplier for companies active on today’s energy markets. The company’s success has been based on innovative and efficient data management techniques and integrating the latest software – such as its GENERIS platform – with customers’ legacy systems.

Process Vision’s GENERIS product family offers a wide range of solutions covering the needs of all those involved on today’s deregulated energy markets. These include measurement data warehouse and balance settlement systems for network operators, and trading systems for energy retailers. GENERIS balance settlement systems are also available for independent system operators (ISO).

A key strength of GENERIS software is the ease with which it can interface with existing systems. With its advanced forecasting techniques, GENERIS can help utilities not only forecast, but also reconcile supply and demand, and optimise energy purchasing and generation through a real-time, scalable, secure, and efficient data access architecture.

Using GENERIS, utilities can track and monitor energy purchase contracts, record and settle instantaneous spot market transactions, and store and manage automated customer billing data. Users can also easily create customised reports and export data to other applications, and link up to regulatory agencies through custom interfaces, where needed.

Process Vision’s GENERIS software offers a wide range of solutions covering the various needs of all those involved on today’s deregulated energy markets.

Making life easier

GENERIS’ load settlement capabilities have been especially appreciated by customers because of the additional features and functionality they offer compared to offerings from larger suppliers, and the fact that GENERIS offers an easy, off-the-shelf solution for upgrading existing systems.

GENERIS can also easily handle large quantities of interval data collected by automatic meter reading (AMR) systems and used in validating load settlement amounts and billing customers – which is why Swedish-based Öresundskraft, for example, with over 100,000 customers, selected GENERIS when it started collecting data of this type from its household customers in May 2005.

Modular integration in Austria

Salzburg AG, a major Austrian energy company, is one of the latest utilities to select a GENERIS system for managing its energy trading and contract portfolios.

The GENERIS delivery included three separate modules, all integrated into a complete system solution: a contract and quotes management system; a portfolio management system; and a system for energy trading, balance settlement, and balance management.

The complete GENERIS system has also been integrated into SAP IS-U and SAP CRM systems already in use by Salzburg AG.

> Simo Makkonen
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