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Efficient materials handling means better competitiveness

A company can strengthen its competitiveness significantly by automating its materials handling routines. Better routines translate into better material flows, shorter throughput times, and greater overall efficiency. Nekos' innovative know-how, and over 2,000 system deliveries, have helped numerous customers improve their productivity.

Known as Nekomat-Belos until 2006, Nekos is Finland's oldest-established materials handling specialist. All the company's deliveries are based on a thorough analysis of the best way of improving a customer's logistics flows and the overall usability of their systems and routines.

Solutions designed and implemented by Nekos can be found in numerous bakeries, dairies, meat processing plants, breweries, and logistics companies. The company's extended ownership base as of 2006 will give Nekos added new dynamism to meet the needs of these and other companies.

The specific technology selected depends on the products concerned and the capacity needed. A Nekos solution can include conveyors, crate handling and storage systems, palletisers, packaging units, and associated equipment, for example.

Many years in the business

Nekos' expertise is based on many years in the materials handling business. Recent years have seen the company focus on developing its own innovative solutions and networking with some of the leading suppliers in the industry.

Solutions designed and implemented by Nekos can be found in numerous industries today, including bakeries, dairies, meat processing plants, breweries and soft drinks units, and a wide variety of logistics companies.

In addition to sites in Finland, Nekos systems are in use in Sweden, Norway, Russia, and the Baltic countries. The Baltic Rim and Russia are seen as a major source of potential growth in the future. Food manufacturers in Russia, in particular, are prioritising quality and efficiency to a growing extent, and investing in new technology.

In addition to Nekos' superior solutions, the company's customers also value its project delivery and turnkey contract expertise. This helps ensure that commissioning a new system, for example, goes as smoothly as possible. Well-planned training for a plant's operators is also critical, and an integral part of Nekos deliveries.

Making sure Muscovites get their bread

Major Moscow-based baker, Zvezdny, will switch to the latest logistics technology in summer 2007 when a new automatic crate-handling system commissioned from Nekos for its fresh bread production line starts up.

The system being supplied by Nekos will be capable of handling up to 3,000 crates an hour, and will automate the reception, washing, and transfer of crates as they are returned to the bakery.

The new system will be the first of its type to be installed at a Moscow bakery, and will help Zvezdny stay at the top of its game as Russia's largest producer of frozen pizzas and frozen pizza bases, and a major supplier of cakes, pastries, and bread to local Muscovites.

> Jarkko Niittynen
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