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Productive hygiene solutions

An alternative to chemical methods, BIOCID Dry Disinfection destroys harmful bacteria, mould, yeast, spores and viruses very effectively, using UVC technology and activated oxygen. The technology is ideal for the needs of poultry producers and others in the food industry.

Many food producers are faced with a triple challenge: ever-tougher competition, consumers' growing concerns about the purity and healthiness of the food they eat, and the need to constantly improve production hygiene and protect against the risk of contamination.

BIOCID's innovative dry disinfection technology gives the food industry a competitive tool to achieve higher product quality and longer shelf-life.

BIOCID dry disinfection solutions offer an ideal tool for helping food manufacturers meet the requirement for pure, healthy products processed with a minimum of chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

Based on a combination of natural physical methods – UVC illumination and activated oxygen – BIOCID's solutions offer a clear alternative to the chemical disinfection systems currently used by the food industry in many countries.

As well as eliminating harmful microbes from surfaces and the air during production, without the need to stop or slow down lines, BIOCID's technology extends the shelf-life of food products significantly, enhancing overall efficiency and profitability.

Better poultry products

BIOCID has developed applications for a range of food and beverage producers, such as the poultry industry, all of which can be integrated into existing production processes very easily.

Instead of using chemicals to disinfect carcasses, birds only need to be run through a dry disinfection tunnel in the BIOCID Poultry Solution to disinfect their skin. The tunnel is equipped with a combination of UVC light irradiators and activated oxygen generators that destroy bacteria, mould, yeast, spores, and viruses effectively and rapidly. The exact dose needed is customised for each installation.

Tasty food that is safer for the consumer is the guiding philosophy behind BIOCID's technology.

BIOCID dry disinfection tunnels are modular units and incorporate norms developed by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), and can be easily installed in carcass chilling areas, for example.

Focusing on critical areas

BIOCID works with customers to focus on the critical points in their production process and ensure that equipment is tailored to dealing with the micro-organisms that are most problematic for them. This results in lower levels of contamination risk and better product safety, and keeps investment costs in check as well.

> Peter Christiansen
(Published in High Technology Finland )