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A new world of interactive, on-demand services

Ortikon Interactive – one of the world's leading open standards iTV companies – offers a comprehensive range of products that enable telecom operators, broadcasters, and content developers to create and run commercially attractive iTV services.
Ortikon Interactive Oy

Telecom operators everywhere are on the lookout for cost-effective ways of adding value by extending their offering into areas such as broadcasting and new types of content services. Broadcasters, for their part, are keen to access broadband networks and leverage other digital opportunities to offer services such as video on demand (VOD) and gaming, as well as targeted adverting.

Ortikon's innovative iTV solutions have helped providers increase their customer loyalty performance and create new revenue streams.

How successful such services will be largely depends on how attractive they are to consumers and how easy they are to use. Which is why ORTIKON ACE®-based solutions have so much to offer.

ORTIKON ACE® is a complete end-to-end iTV solution that features content creation tools, an interactive service and application management platform, value-added services and applications, head-end management tools, iTV service and application development, technical consultation, and systems integration.

As the entire look and feel of the set-top box interface and services can be tailored using skins, providers have the opportunity to brand their offering very effectively, and help secure new revenue streams and increase their average revenue per user. End-users also benefit, as ORTIKON ACE®-based solution prioritise ease of use.

Tools for every need

Ortikon's open, standards-based modular system can grow with operators' needs and be integrated into existing network infrastructure and SMS and billing systems with a high degree of flexibility.

ORTIKON ACE® IPTV Middleware includes a number of interactive services, such as EPG, NVOD, VOD, games, news, e-mail, and chat.

ORTIKON ACE® MHP Platform brings the same features to DVB as IPTV Middleware does for broadband, through tools such as ORTIKON ACE® Browser, which enables easy XHTML-based service development.

ORTIKON ACE® On-Demand Service Platform manages on-demand content for broadband or broadcast networks, and forms the main interface for handling on-demand content, publishing metadata, and managing content distribution devices.

ORTIKON ACE® Broadcast Manager is a sophisticated EPG, PSI/SI, and SSU management server that helps operators manage their network and services, eliminate routine table monitoring work, and improve the quality of their output.


An advanced service management platform that offers a broad range of value-added options, including:

  • Comprehensive Electronic Program Guide
  • Complete TV-based e-mail system and address book
  • Chat service accessible via remote controls or mobile phones
  • News service offering news, weather, and other information automatically via Internet RSS feeds
  • 3D gaming, featuring a selection of PC and console games accessible directly via standard IPTV set-top boxes
  • Video-on-Demand offering premium content and various payment options
  • Comprehensive pay-TV service, including pay-per-view.
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