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Focus on information

An information tool designed for professional use, KitWrx offers people a new way of enhancing their business and making it more successful by giving them better access to information out where the action is and enabling them to take faster, smarter, and better decisions. Designed with the needs of real end-users in mind, KitWrx is, of course, easy to use by default. Oy Ltd.
The versatility offered by KitWrx means that it can benefit the entire value chain and improve overall quality. By processing and reviewing information immediately, users can improve the overall quality of their information flows, and make them available to everyone who needs them.

Information is really useful only if it is available where you need it and when you need it. In practice, people often want and need access to information when they are away from their desk and the information lifeline provided by conventional technologies – between the shelves of a shop, at a customer's site, or a myriad of other locations.

Which is why the people at Kitworks have come up with KitWrx.

Success at your fingertips

The KitWrx unit features an impressive, large widescreen display, finger- and stylus-based operation, and smart software, and is ideal for reviewing and presenting the essentials of a situation, processing your ideas, and leveraging the support needed to push operations forward. Wherever the action is.

Communication features, such as VolP, instant messaging, 3G and GPRS capabilities via Bluetooth, and easily accessed GPS and WLAN tracking, ensure true interactivity at all times – and eliminate the traditional gap between 'real work' and paperwork.

Thanks to a bar code reader, which is available as an integrated option, users can identify appropriately tagged items automatically and access all the associated information immediately, and process it immediately as well – again, on the spot.

SFTWare, built on a Microsoft Windows CE 5.0-based platform, provides the software for the easy-to-use interface, system administration, a virtual QWERTY keyboard, a virtual mobile phone-style keyboard, and a calculator. The user decides whether he or she wants to use a large or small on-screen keyboard, a stylus, or their fingers.

Working with KitWorks, customers can optimise their customisation of KitWrx and smooth its introduction in the field, and extend its capabilities later as their needs develop.

Ideal for system integrators and solution providers

KitWrx makes it easy to improve the quality of the services you provide your customers, the quality and speed of internal processes, and business efficiency at one and the same time.

By bringing the office out into the field, and the field into the office, KitWrx brings strategic management and operations much closer together than people are normally used to, and helps make decision-making easier and better grounded in day-to-day reality.

> Heikki Rusanen
(Published in High Technology Finland )