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Better TETRA performance

Avertes has developed a unique concept for managing the purchase and maintenance of TETRA terminal equipment – known as SL3 – capable of handling the complete ordering process and offering value- added services to terminal user groups.
Avertes' SL3 end-to-end solution for managing the entire TETRA terminal equipment purchasing process is an integral part of Finland's VIRVE digital network, used by state and municipal authorities in areas such as accident response.

Avertes' SL3 is a Web-based, end-to-end solution for managing the entire TETRA terminal equipment purchasing process, and offers a rich set of features to all types of users.

By linking terminal users, suppliers, and manufacturers, SL3 offers more cost-efficient logistics, terminal maintenance, and management. It also helps reduce human error, thanks to its ease of use and standardised purchasing process – and cuts the number of people involved as well. This saves both time and money, and provides better control over access to sensitive information.

Priority has been given to guaranteeing a high level of security. Users are authenticated by personal username, password, and IP address. Authentication is also used for custom-configuring the user interface to the appropriate user access level.

SL3 offers excellent flexibility in adapting to the needs of different user organisations, and can handle a number of user groups with different user rights.

Benefits for everyone

For the supplier, SL3 provides an ideal tool for monitoring purchasing patterns and sales. The system also simplifies supply and servicing processes, and collects historical data on completed tasks. A maintenance option is available for managing terminal maintenance, terminal installations, and maintenance documentation.

For the customer, SL3 can be used for ordering terminals, monitoring costs, and maintaining a device register. As a value-added service, SL3 also provides a channel for the authorities to keep TETRA terminal users up-to-date with the latest news on terminals and network issues.

For terminal manufacturers, SL3 makes it possible to monitor terminal purchasing volume and maintenance information, and offers a real-time overview of the device base in use at any particular time.

An integral part of VIRVE

Avertes' unique concept and capabilities were the key reasons for the company being selected to supply the logistics support software for the advanced new digital radio network now in joint use by state and municipal authorities across Finland, known as VIRVE.

> Kirsi Kaukonen
(Published in High Technology Finland )