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Safer cash deposits

Ponsec Finland's Ponder Safe Security® is a unique automatic cash handling service package based on advanced RFID technology. Ideal for banks, shops, hotels, and other locations, the system is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.
Ponsec Finland Oy
Ponsec (Holdings) Ltd

Ponsec Finland is the first company in Europe to make use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in locking systems for security products and cash-handling premises. The technology enables Ponder Safe Security® to identify a person before a lock is opened, and records data on the identity of the person opening a lock, and when and what is opened and closed in a real-time system log.

The Ponder Safe Security® system offers new standards of safety and traceability for cash handling, and is now being marketed in Europe and Asia.

Ponder Safe Security® deposit safes guarantee a unique level of security. Transaction files are saved automatically to system memory when deposit bags are dropped off, when users pick up fresh bags of change, and when security companies collect cash.

As status information is available 24/7, security companies can collect money from deposit safes at any time, without the need to agree pickup times in advance. The system allows deposits to be tracked at all times, from when they are made to the moment that they are deposited in a customer's bank account.

Locking systems can be supplemented with PIN codes to provide additional access control, as featured in the patent-pending Ponder Lock RFID 7200. User rights can be tailored to give selected personnel access to a safe and its lockable compartments. Some users, for example, can be given selective access to deposit drawers only.

Ponder Safe Security® deposit safes have been tested and certified according to the EN 1143-2 standard, and approved for burglary classes D-I, D-II, D-III and D-IV by Germany's VdS test laboratories. They are the first units to provide this level of total security in Europe. The Ponder Lock RFID 7200 is also the first lock of its type to be granted VdS 2 classification.

New technology means new opportunities

Prior to the introduction of RFID-based technology, Ponsec Finland relied on more traditional techniques, such as keys, keypads, conventional and electronic locks, as well as bar code readers. While effective, these are incapable of providing very much transaction-specific data, and little or no identity data, and also require manual input.

RFID offered a clear step forward, and had already shown its potential in areas such as retail security gates and car locks. Ponsec Finland introduced its first RFID products towards the end of the 1990s and began large-scale deliveries of RFID systems at the turn of the decade.

Ponder Safe Security® was first launched in 2001, and has been adopted by a strong user base in Finland, including large shopping centres and banks. Ponsec Finland began marketing the system to customers further afield, in Europe and Asia, in 2006.

> Martti Pelkonen & Jari Vepsäläinen
(Published in High Technology Finland )