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A bigger and better presentation experience

EXIFORMAT offers an all-in-one digital solution for interactive multi-screen presentations and content production, creating virtual spaces with individual feedback. The result is a single digital synchronised package that can be easily managed, replicated, delivered, and localised – for trade fairs, museums and science centres, conferences, festivals, and corporate offices.
The EXIFORMAT concept links standards-based technology with customised template software to create visually dynamic interactive presentation environments, with content that can be easily replicated, distributed, updated, and localised.

With its ability to create multi-user content spaces with unique interactive features, the EXIFORMAT solution offers exhibition and event organisers an exciting new tool for putting across their message to a variety of audiences in an informative, entertaining, and rewarding way.

The concept behind EXIFORMAT software is based on the use of ready-made structural and functional templates designed for a wide variety of needs, into which users can drop digital content, whether still images, digital movies, 3D objects, or text and PDF files. Approaching a presentation as a format product, in the same way as a book or a film, enables organisers to break free of the limitations, and costs, associated with traditional one-off thinking. It also means that a presentation can run at a number of locations at the same time with ease.

The software synchronises presentations and keeps detailed track of all user interaction for CRM analysis and follow-up. Personalised exhibition experiences are also possible, using RFID technology and visitor profiles.

Multiplying exhibition content

EXIFORMAT's templates enables users to concentrate on content and the 'experience' they want to create, rather than the 'how'. This eliminates much of the time-intensive work and expense typically associated with creating presentations, and also opens up new opportunities for dynamic, high-impact interactive experiences. It also ensures that ideas and content can be reused and further developed.

Museum and Science Centre EXIFORMAT has been tailored to the needs of art and other exhibitions, particularly travelling shows – enabling content to be replicated, localised, and adapted for the needs and tastes of different audiences.

Trade Show and Exhibition EXIFORMAT focuses more on impact, through large-scale visuals and personalised user interaction, and time-sharing visibility.

Leveraging the digital

Although a newcomer in business terms, Exiformat can draw on a rich body of expertise in areas such as 3D animation and virtual reality. The company's team was responsible for generating the digital content and planning and implementing the technology for presenting it for the Finnish Pavilion at Expo 2000 in Hannover. The team also played a central role in the Generation NOKIA showroom in 2002.

EXIFORMAT pilot projects have already been established in Sweden and China, and the first commercial application to be launched will be Company Presentation EXIFORMAT, designed for business parks and the lobbies of head offices and other corporate buildings.

> Timo Koho & Marjo Mikkola
(Published in High Technology Finland )