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Leading the field

Tana has become the number-three company in the worldwide landfill compactor business, and has a dealer network covering some 35 countries today. Renowned for its Tana G Series landfill compactors, the company has now launched the Tana Shark slow-speed mobile shredder.

While much of Tana’s success in the landfill compactor business is due to the benefits of the company’s proprietary technology, Tana has always prioritised all the other aspects of the added value that it offers its customers: functional design, simple operating principles, and easy serviceability.

The Tana G Series, covering six models ranging from a 26-tonne unit (G260) to a 50-tonne unit (G500), continues to be the only family of purpose-built landfill compactors on the market. The rigid frame and twin drums of the G Series, compared to the three or four wheels used on competing units, gives customers excellent compaction rates and even surfaces with a small cover soil requirement – and a rapid payback on investments.

Ergonomic and safety issues were given high priority in the design of the giant Tana G500.

Versatility is the key

The Tana Shark slow-speed mobile shredder – designed to handle most recoverable, recyclable, and reusable materials for volume reduction or in the production of recyclable materials or renewable energy fuel (REF) – further extends Tana’s expertise.

The versatility of the Shark in handling materials as diverse as biowaste, wood stumps, branches, commercial waste, municipal waste, and tyres means that customers only need, in best-case scenarios, to invest in a single shredder to handle all their jobs.

The Tana Shark can be transported easily and rapidly to wherever the customer needs it.

Incorporating innovative features such as a plug-in rotor screen, the Tana Shark is the first slow-speed, single-rotor shredder capable of plugging in different screen baskets to control end-product particle size.

It also takes very little time to change a Shark rotor, thanks to a simplified, patent-pending attachment mechanism. The interchangeability of its modular counter tools and ‘One Touch’ shredding process programming, tailored to different waste fractions, only add to the unit’s versatility.

As with other Tana products, the Shark incorporates high-quality parts from respected suppliers, such as Cummins, Bosch-Rexroth, and Sauer-Danfoss, to help guarantee the highest possible uptime – and a full range of spare parts and qualified maintenance crews are available worldwide.

The Tana Shark mobile shredder in action, shredding wooden construction waste.
> Mirja Yli-Erkkilä
(Published in High Technology Finland )